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Certified Organic Mangoes

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Telangana Govt Officials' annual surveillance inspections are complete. We continued compliance with the required standards and received the certificate for 2021.

Preorders start in April – May at Safilguda Secunderabad Location: +91 97017 98050

Price – Rs 150 - 200/Kg (depending on size & variety ) – Ready to eat

Bulk Orders above 1 Ton/1000 Kgs (Ready to ripe) – WhatsApp (+1732-762-5034)

Register and comment for a discount!

Please purchase from the below locations to avoid fraud

  • purchase in person at the farm, click the location icon in the menu

  • Safilguda +91 970-179-8050 (Krishna) ,+91 917-781-9474 (Anil)

Check the below links.

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