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Govind Organics Farm Activities 2020 - 2021

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

We want to bring important activities that are done on our farm to our subscriber's notice, such that our subscribers know what they are eating, how the fruits are grown, and feel that they are eating from their own farm. Please subscribe and leave comments if you have any valuable suggestions. We want to continue to be Organic irrespective of profit or loss.

After Harvest of 2020, as a first activity, we started pruning on 15-Jun-2020 it will continue at least 1-2 weeks.

Activities July 2020

Rock cutting to make some space in front of the shed.

Activities In August 2020

Activities In September 2020

Activities In October 2020

Activities In November 2020

Activities In November-22-2020 to Jan-8-2021

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1 Comment

Shyamala Devi
Jun 19, 2020

Good work

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