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Banganpalli Mangoes Available from 25th May onwards

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Hi Friends,

  • We are closed for the season of 2020. Thank you All for your support.

Note:- First thanks to all for showing an interest, we reached more than 200 unique visitors in 12hrs. Many are asking for home delivery, some people are visiting the farm and buying of their choice in bulks. We are giving priority to Farm visitors and we will think of home delivery facilities only after lockdown relaxation. If first time harvest is missed, Second will be on May 25-29

Hi, Friends Banganpalli 1 Ton and 70 kgs are available at Safilguda location.

Banganpalli 5kg boxes. fruit cut on 25th and allow at least a few days for complete ripen.

Sundhari ready to it.

Because of the lockdown situation, we're finding extreme difficulty to distribute from different locations.

Banganpalli Mangoes will be available from only below location or at farm location only. If any new locations are Identified will be informed in this blog.

5kgs boxes are available for Rs 500/- from below location @ Safilguda Secunderabad.

30-120/25/1, Dwarakamayee colony, Old Safilguda, HYD - 500056

please call these numbers if you are interested.

+91 970-179-8050 +91 799-742-7291

people are calling as organic if they are not using carbide for ripening even though they are using pesticides at the farm, Govind organic farm is Pesticide-free from day one, Soil and water went through the testing and the farm is Inspected by Telanga Govt Officials and issued the certificate.

Since we are using the natural ripening process, it will take 1 week to get a color of good yellowish. but you can eat from day one and each day you will enjoy a unique taste.

if you want to enjoy sweetness to the fullest wait until mango turns to yellow.

if you are eager to ripen quickly and naturally, follow these instructions

Banganpalli boxes packed as below including hay for natural ripening.

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