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Now we are registered as Reg : ORG-1810-002080 and working under the supervision of Telangana State

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

We started with planting around 2000 trees in around 12.75 acres of land in 2009.

We planted 800 Banganpalli, 300 Suvarnarekha, 100 Neelam , 150 cocunut, 150 teak, and 500 Red sandal wood. Apart from this we have 200 different varieties of trees like Custard apple ,Rama Seethaphal, Jackfruit, pomegranate, Sapodilla , Neem trees etc.

From day one we want to produce the food without using any pesticides and started following the Subhash Palekar Natural farming methodologies.

 Also we constructed a water tank with 12ft height, 50ft diameter above ground to hold max of 6,67,962.29 liters of water and this water can be used end to end of the farm without any use electricity. Also this farm is equipped with 4kw solar power and at least 1-2 tons of fish can be grown in this tank (still under testing, having challenges with aeration motors).

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