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On 13-FEB-2020 we lost around 50 trees for new canal works.

Updated: Feb 14, 2020 13-FEB-2020: we lost around 50 trees for new canal works, going middle of the farm, Telangana govt officials failed to save the trees, they could be moved to a different location in the same farm. we are not against the canal but should have been better planned and saved the trees.

No Engineer is present at the time of removing the trees.labour came to the site and killed the trees and they finished there task. We received the compensation for land but trees are not accounted for compensation or life. this act is very contradictory to the "Haritha Haram" program.

All this activity is happening based on 70 years old survey reports. they don't even know there is one Organic Farm that exists there for 10years. It is recognized by Telangana Govt itself (Reg: ORG-1810-002080)

Please share this Incident, until it reaches the Telangana Govt Officials. All I want is to save the trees, this should not happen to a different farmer. in today's tech world, we can move any tree to any different location. at least give a chance/time to the owner to move the trees with his own money.

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